Is That a Politician in Your Pocket?
Washington on $2 Million a Day, By Micah L. Sifry and Nancy Watzman
Every day corporations and other wealthy special interests pump another $2 million into the coffers of our elected officials in Washington ad their party committees. For their money they get an estimated $160 billion a year in tax breaks, subsidies, and other sweet deals. That’s $160 billion lifted from taxpayers’ pockets—or about $1500 per taxpayer per year! More...


OUCH! is a regular e-mail bulletin on how private money in politics hurts average citizens. Every day, we pay more as consumers and taxpayers for special interest subsidies and boondoggles because of our system of privately financed elections. It's time for a change.


Occasional Bulletins on How Clean Money in Politics Can Help You
A spin-off of our Ouch! bulletin, AAHH!, tells the GOOD news on how money and politics is changing around the country. More....

Fact Sheets
Clean Money Campaign Reform
The role of big money in American politics should make the most cynical lawmaker blush and the average citizen furious. Politics has become an arms race, with special-interest money taking on the role of missiles. Every two years, campaign costs skyrocket. Average voters are shut out as effectively as if Congress had passed a new poll tax, charging them for the right to vote. Many good people decide not to enter politics, because they are intimidated and disgusted by the need to raise huge campaign war chests or simply don't have the connections to do so.

Paybacks: The How the White House and Congress are Neglecting Our Health Care Because of Their Corporate Contributors
Health care related interests have poured more than $163 million into federal political campaigns and party coffers since 1999 and have reaped huge policy paybacks that are harmful to ordinary people’s health, according to a new investigative report by Public Campaign, PAYBACKS: How the White House and Congress are Neglecting Our Health Care Because of Their Corporate Contributors. More...


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