A Citizen & Candidate Guide to Voter Owned Elections

The Center for Governmental Studies, Firelight Media, and Public Campaign are proud to present you with the Investing in Democracy Toolkit: A Citizen & Candidate Guide to Voter Owned Elections. Focusing on the six states that have enacted full public financing, especially Arizona and Maine, and recent successes in the other 21 state and 12 local jurisdictions with partial public financing systems, especially Los Angeles, New York City and Tucson, this toolkit provides a detailed and comprehensive look at the benefits of voter owned elections. The Investing in Democracy Toolkit includes:

May 15-- Governor Janet Napolitano Gives Speech Praising Arizona Clean Elections System.

May 13 -- Groups Issue Joint Press Release Announcing Investing In Democracy Toolkit! Click here to find out more.

“The Road To Clean Elections” ( Video)
More competition, a more diverse candidate pool, more time spent with regular voters, freedom from conflicts of interest—these are among the signal accomplishments of Arizona and Maine’s new Clean Elections laws as shown in the video "The Road To Clean Elections." Narrated by Bill Moyers, the video features candidates on the campaign trail, lively testimonials by candidates who ran for office under their states’ voluntary full public financing systems, and assessments of how well Clean Elections works by campaign finance reform experts and activists. Haddow Communications produced the video for Public Campaign with assistance from Northeast Action, Arizona Clean Elections Institute Inc., and the Maine Citizen Leadership Fund. Run time is approximately 14 minutes. Funding from Carnegie Corporation of New York and Solidago Foundation.


“Running: The Campaign for the New York City Council” (Video)
This video documentary tells the story of the 2001 New York City Council elections, the first governed by term limits and enhanced public campaign financing rules, and focuses on New York City's model for matching campaign contributions with substantial public funds. The unabridged version of the documentary aired on WNET in New York City, and won the 2003 "Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film & Digital Media." The video was produced by Firelight Media in association with Thirteen/WNET New York, and was funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Open Society Institute and the Charles H. Revson Foundation. Directed by 2002 MacArthur Fellow Stanley Nelson. Run time is approximately 30 minutes.


"Investing in Democracy”

This handbook is designed to help elected officials, government administrators, grassroots organizations and activists create or improve existing public financing systems for their own state and local elections. Written by the
  Center for Governmental Studies  in Los Angeles, it describes the history of public financing in state and local governments, advantages and shortcomings of existing systems, a variety of funding mechanisms, potential legal issues and strategies for implementing reforms. An up-to-date list of over 160 national, regional and state support organizations is included in the Appendix.

“Ten Things You Can Do With This Toolkit” (User’s Guide)
This user’s guide offers suggestions for activists, ranging from airing the videos on public access television to briefing local reporters and editors and holding house parties for like minded friends. It’s a step-by-step manual for engaging the public in “Investing in Democracy.” Read the user's guide.

"Investing in Democracy" is a joint project of Carnegie Corporation of New York, Center for Governmental Studies, Firelight Media, and Public Campaign, with assistance from the Money & Politics Implementation Project, Northeast Action, Arizona Clean Elections Institute, Inc., and Maine Citizen Leadership Fund. Carnegie Corporation of New York, Open Society Institute, the Charles H. Revson Foundation and the Solidago Foundation have provided funding.