• Feb28

    Clips Round-up for 2/28/14

    Submitted by on Feb 28, 2014

    On Dave Camp's tax reform plan: "Private equity and investment firms in New York are telling key Republican players in D.C. that commitments for big-dollar fundraising have been 'canceled for the foreseeable future,' according to one GOP lobbyist with knowledge of the conversations." With great color on members groveling to contain the damage. It was expected, of course.

  • Feb27

    Clips Round-up for 2/27/14

    Submitted by on Feb 27, 2014

    Whenever operatives who've always opposed Clean Elections in Arizona get embarrassed by their party, they blame Clean Elections instead of taking a look in the mirror. A quick look at facts over opinion and the argument doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Here's our response to yesterday's Washington Post piece on SB 1062 (and Gail Collins made similar arguments today).

  • Feb26

    Clips Round-up for 2/26/14

    Submitted by on Feb 26, 2014

  • Feb25

    Clips Round-up for 2/25/14

    Submitted by on Feb 25, 2014

    First off: Sunlight Foundation Founder and President Ellen Miller announced yesterday that she will retire this year. As a founder of not only Sunlight, but of Public Campaign and the Center for Responsive Politics, she has been an incredible leader in the fight for a government that's more open and more responsive to the people it's supposed to represent.

  • Feb24

    Clips Round-up for 2/24/14

    Submitted by on Feb 24, 2014

    Today in New York: Public Campaign Action Fund launches a $1 million TV, web, and mobile ad campaign calling on lawmakers to get Fair Elections reform done.

  • Feb21

    Clips Round-up for 2/21/14

    Submitted by on Feb 21, 2014

    With Dave Camp promising a tax reform draft next week, lobbyists are in a "mad scramble," according to The Hill. Or, as one lobbyist said: "This is going to be a major rainmaking event on K Street. This is manna from heaven.”

  • Feb20

    Clips Round-up for 2/20/14

    Submitted by on Feb 20, 2014

    Pro-tip: when you announce your campaign for Congress, at least pretend you won't have a role in your super PAC. Edwin Edwards: "I'm just figuring out all the legalities and how to set up a super PAC, and then I'm going."

  • Feb19

    Clips Round-up for 2/19/14

    Submitted by on Feb 19, 2014

    Yesterday in Albany: "Representatives from a half dozen advocacy groups held a press conference in Albany Tuesday to urge Gov. Cuomo to "keep his bold promise" and enact campaign finance reforms – including public financing of elections and beefed up enforcement at the Board of Elections  -  as part of the state’s 2014-15 budget.

  • Feb18

    Clips Round-up for 2/18/14

    Submitted by on Feb 18, 2014

    Good morning and happy Tuesday. I promise there are no House of Cards spoilers in this email.

  • Feb14

    Clips Round-up for 2/14/14

    Submitted by on Feb 14, 2014

    Was Tom Perkins, the one-time owner of the largest yacht ever built, joking last night when he said "But what I really think is, it should be like a corporation. You pay a million dollars in taxes, you get a million votes. How's that?"