• Jul31

    Clips Round-up for 7/31/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 31, 2014

    Stan Greenberg's Democracy Corps and Every Voice will be releasing new polling today at 10 am on voter views on money in politics in top battleground states. Watch later for updates and let me know if you want to join the call.

  • Jul30

    Clips Round-up for 7/30/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 30, 2014

    Campaign Finance

  • Jul29

    Clips Round-up for 7/29/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 29, 2014

    Major news over here: We are changing Public Campaign Action Fund’s name to Every Voice to better represent who we are and what we believe: that in American democracy, every voice must be heard. In addition, Friends of Democracy’s super PAC will begin operating under the same banner, as Every Voice Action. Our work is expanding at the state level, in federal elections, and online.

  • Jul28

    Clips Round-up for 7/28/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 28, 2014

    In the New York Times this weekend: "An explosion of spending on political advertising on television — set to break $2 billion in congressional races, with overall spots up nearly 70 percent since the 2010 midterm election — is accelerating the rise of moneyed interests and wresting control from the candidates’ own efforts to reach voters."

  • Jul25

    Clips Round-up for 7/25/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 25, 2014

    Campaign Finance

  • Jul24

    Clips Round-up for 7/24/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 24, 2014

    There's still lots of chatter in New York about yesterday's bombshell NYT report on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's questionable meddling in the anti-corruption Moreland Commission he created. His gov campaign opponents respond.

  • Jul23

    Clips Round-up for 7/23/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 23, 2014

    Today's must-read is this New York Times investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office meddling in the affairs of the anti-corruption Moreland Commission he created (and abruptly ended).

  • Jul22

    Clips Round-up for 7/22/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 22, 2014

    Do read Anna Palmer and Tarini Parti in Politico on the gap between men and women donors: "In interviews, more than a dozen fundraisers, donors and political consultants said that when they reach out to women they bump up against deep cultural, strategic and logistical challenges that contrast markedly with how money has always been extracted from men."

  • Jul21

    Clips Round-up for 7/21/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 21, 2014

    Do read Matea Gold's Washington Post piece on Art Pope, the millionaire North Carolina businessman who helped finance the Republican takeover of the state and then got appointed its budget director, including his role in repealing the state's popular and successful public financing program for state judicial races (a program he nev

  • Jul18

    Clips Round-up for 7/18/14

    Submitted by Sschwarz on Jul 18, 2014

    That is COLD, Pennsylvania: "The portraits of three former Pennsylvania House speakers and one former top state senator hanging in the Capitol's marble corridors each have new information to tell visitors: their criminal histories." (Tumblr)